Saturday, December 12, 2015

Andrew's 4th Birthday Party

We had 12 adults and 8 kids at the party (9 if you count Caleb). Theme, LEGOS!!!

We had pizza, in addition to some veggies and fruit for lunch.  We played three games. Guess the Number of Legos in the Jar, Pin the Head on the Lego Man, and Bingo, only our version was called LEGO! We proceeded to open presents.

Homemade Lego coloring book for favor bags
Lego Faces on Play Doh for favor bags

Homemade Bingo/LEGO cards
3D number 4 out of Legos
Billy guessed the exact number in the jar, 104

Corbin won the game, his was only a little low. All the kids did great!
Bingo Games - everyone won!!!

The day before we had a 90% chance of rain during the party, but the rain held off till overnight. The kids were able to get outside and play in the yard and on the swing set.

We finished off the party with cake and ice cream.

Aunt Jackie made the cake, and I did the games, decorations and favor bags. We're so thankful for everyone for who came to celebrate.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Santa Visit

Santa was visiting Little Elm Park this weekend, so after playground assembly and a quick dinner, we headed to visit St. Nick!
Andrew ran and greeted him with a big "SANTAAAAAAA" when it was our turn. Caleb didn't make a peep!  The picture the photographer took is great (I don't have a digital copy). Below, they are discussing what Andrew would like for Christmas and if he had been a good boy.

Caleb's first food

Tried Rice Cereal for the first time today. He had no clue what was happening at first, but towards the end he was starting to get it and enjoyed it. Flash forward one week and he is almost a pro!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our "Playground"

Mimi & Poppa, Jen & Dwight and ourselves contributed for the new swing set - Andrew's birthday/Christmas present. It was on black Friday sale at Sams Club. Came out to $750 after taxes which included shipping. Just had to put it together, piece by piece. Luckily, Poppas work trip got postponed and he was able to come over and help put it together. Goal was to get it put up the weekend of the 4th, so Andrew could have it for his birthday party the following weekend.  It took them 7 hours each Saturday and Sunday, but they got it done! Andrew was only asking about every three minutes if it was ready!!!

Came in these two boxes

All their screws, nuts, bolts and tools

Beginning of Day 1
Towards the end of day 1, he was dying to play with it
End of day 2 - had to get a slide in before sun down!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Caleb Dean - 4 Months

Weight: 13 lbs 8.5 oz (21%)
Height: 2 feet 2 in (84%)
Head: 40.5 cm (10%)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Kuklenz Christmas/Thanksgiving

Karl, Audrey & Aurora arrived Tuesday evening and stayed at our house thru Sunday.

Thursday thru Sunday we traveled to Mom & Dad's for daily activities and games.